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Become a healer! Learn Reiki levels 1,2,3 and see your life transform in so many ways, for your highest good....

Reiki Level 1 - also known as Shoden

Receive level 1 Attunment raising your energy vibration and opening your chakras to connect to the         universal life force energy, Attunment is for life
• Understand & apply healing on a physical level, ability to heal your self and others
• Learn the history of Reiki
• Learn how to perform self- Reiki and to give Reiki to others
• Introduction to Chakras - Energy 

• Receive a certificate and comprehensive manual
• With time, move on to level 2

Reiki level 2 - also known as Okuden

Receive level 2 Attunment opening and connecting you further to your core, inner self and universal life force energy
• Become a Reiki practioner & be able to teach Reiki to others
• Learn the 3 sacred Reiki symbols and how to apply them with healing
• Learn about Chakras on a deeper level
• Understand & apply healing on a emotional & mental level
• Discover best way forward for you as a self healer and/or practioner
• Learn how to give distance healing
• Expand knowledge on how to use Reiki in all areas of life

• Receive certificate & comprehensive manual

Reiki level 3 - also known as Shipiden

Receive final Attunment to the healing energy & deep connection to the source, Universal life force energy
• This is Master / Teacher level
• Learn the sacred Reiki Master symbol and how to apply to your healing
• Learn how to give Level 1,2 and 3 attunments
• Receive a certificate and comprehensive manual
• With time, move on to level 3

Students receive 10% off all treatments as well as bi-weekly tools and tips to support their healing journey.


All this in the palm of your hands.

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