Reiki Treatment

What is Reiki Healing



Reiki is a form of hands on healing, the laying of hands on the body and aura and is probably thousands of years old. It is believed that this technique was used by Tibetan Buddhist monks and then rediscovered in the 1800's by Mikao Usui - The Usui System.

 "Rei" means Universal, "Ki" means Life force. " Ki" is a non-physical energy that is the vital force flowing through all living things in order to exist. Ki surrounds and animates all of life and is the primary source of our thoughts, emotions and spiritual existence.

It is identified by all cultures and has a variety of names:

  • In Japanese it is called Ki

  • In Chinese it is called Chi

  • In Asian cultures - Sanskrit it is called Prana

  • In Hawaii it is called Mana

  • In the western world it is called Holy spirit 

Having a high frequency of energy flow in the body means optimum health – mind body and soul. Life is easier to handle. One is less vulnerable to disease or illnesses and the approach to life is balanced as well as positive. In contrast when Ki is of low frequency in the body, it is more susceptible to negativity, disease, illnesses, and imbalance which can be on a physical, emotional and psychological level.


Science has acknowledged this energy. Martial arts, tai chi, yoga, acupuncture, homeopathy, feng-shui and meditation all work with this energy KI. The aim is to clear, balance and revitalize the mind body and soul. Reiki is also now being recognised within hospitals all over the world as away of managing dis-ease.

Working with the 7 main Chakras (energy centers), energy blocks and negative energy that doesn't serve us and that are caused by situations, events, emotional, physical or psychological reasons can be released.




- Relieves stress, anxiety, worry 

- Relieves grief, hurt, anger, trauma

- Centers thoughts 

- Relaxes & calms

- Boosts natural healing system

- Detoxifies 

- Energises and cleanses

- Relives pain

- Removes energy blockages 

- Helps you to manage difficult situations & relationships 

- Heals suffering emotional/psychological 

- Reduces side effects of modern medicine 

- Calms nerves before exams, tests, surgery

- Balances hormones

- Connects you back yourself and wellbeing


Results may vary from individual to individual as everyone is unique and everyone's journey is different. Reiki treatment is a natural healing system and is totally safe for all ages, babies, teenagers, adults, elderly. 

Reiki is something that can't be described, it needs to be experienced.


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The Reiki Principles

Just for today I will not worry

Just for today I will not be angry

Just for today I will do my work honestly

Just for today I will give thanks for my blessings

Just for today I will be kind to every little thing





Stones of Meaning

What is Energy & Mindset Coaching

Energy & Mindset Coaching is a journey to unlock your inner core and unleash your power and confidence within.

The wisdom and tools learnt in the coaching sessions help you to make changes to your life being personal or professional. Coaching gives you the freedom from feeling limited, gives you positive energy and helps you discover new choices, because in life, you have choices...

The coaching sessions introduce you to new techniques and different ways of thinking with tips and tools to support your life journey, create new options and choices to make you feel vibrant and full of life. Coaching can be experienced by any age groups, personal / professional goals, employed, self employed, business owners, teenagers.

Sessions in Coaching are especially tailored to each individual as everyone is unique and has different needs and goals. The aim of Energy & Mindset Coaching is to unlock your own unique potential to manage thoughts, emotions, reactions, to create inner peace and to be able to forward in life without limiting yourself.


What will you get from the sessions?


Learn to take control of your life, remove limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, feel confident to make decisions, have a non judgemental sound board, time just focused on you.


Connecting to your values which are your inner building blocks that make you,YOU. If they are not nourished we have missing blanks in our life which can make us feel restless and unfulfilled. Imagine you are a jigsaw....Coaching is great for finding those missing pieces


When we feel good on the inside on a physical/emotional level and have a optimistic positive mind - set, then life feels so good! This is something I call ‘Inner core confidence’.


Benefits of Mindfulness & Mind set Coaching

  • Greater self awareness

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence

  • Improved decision making

  • Improved focus and clarity

  • Reduces stress, anxiety

  • Relaxes, balances and calms the mind and body

  • Boosts confidence

  • Inner peace

  • Living life in the present moment

  • More energy and life purpose

  • Happier at work / home (or both)

  • More energy and drive

  • Fulfilment - Able to set and fulfil purposeful life goals with a clearer mind set

Coaching is something that needs to be experienced by yourself.


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